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Cremation Plaques

Cremation Plaques

Here at Andrews Signs, we specialise in creating personalised cremation plaques that pay tribute to the lives of your loved ones. With our wide range of materials including brass, gold and silver anodised aluminium, stainless steel, and acrylic, along with our dedicated in-house design team, we ensure a seamless process that results in a lasting tribute you can cherish.

We offer an extensive selection of customized memorial plaques for ashes/ cremation plaques crafted from premium materials to honour and celebrate their legacy. Our commitment to quality ensures every detail is thoughtfully considered and our team is here to offer guidance and creative advice where needed.

These memorial plaques serve as a tangible connection, allowing you to keep a part of your loved one close while preserving their memory in a dignified and timeless manner. As well as our traditional historic plaques you can also choose memorial stakes or bench plaques. We also offer your personalised cremation plaque inscription to have different coloured lettering, gold, silver or white are popular.

  • Personalised cremation plaques
  • Wide range of premium materials
  • Custom engravings
  • Design support from our in-house team
  • Timeless and meaningful

Gold Anodised Plaques

Gold anodised plaque engraving manufactured by our experienced engravers. Not only hardwearing yet also needs little cleaning. A beautiful alternative to brass, it can also be supplied in a bronze colour.
Gold Anodized Plaque

Bench Plaques

A beautiful commemorative solution for benches in traditional brass, aluminium and coloured plastics. Create a lasting memorial to your loved one with these traditional engraved plaques.
Bench Plaque

Memorial/Celebratory Stakes

Traditional brass, aluminium and coloured plastics supplied on a finished solid wood backboard (treated for outdoor use, to last) with stakes.
engraved memorial stake

Brass Plaques

Beautiful commemorative brass plaques manufactured by our highly skilled and experienced engravers. Suppliers of engraved plaques to Royalty and Dignataries, call to speak to an engraver on 01904 400800.
Kate Middleton Brass Plaque

Silver Anodised Plaques

Stunning silver anodised commemorative plaques manufactured by experienced engravers. Anodised aluminium needs little cleaning and is a fantastic hardwearing product, thus, a great choice.
Silver Anodised Plaque

Gold Plastic Plaques

Beautiful gold plastic plaques are a heardwearing and low maintenance solution,  they provide a traditional and classy look.
Gold Plastic Plaque

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